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PP1aBirds on a BranchDid You Know?See RomeTowelephantSan FranciscoIn the WoodsCats on the streetBirds recite poetryThe bird who thought he was a canaryLittle Known Plants: Chattering CarmelliaA day in the life of Eddie
The young Donald TrumpIn the woodsLittle Known Birds: the Crooner BirdLittle Known Plants: Singing SquigilliaBirds of the World: NormBlanky BirdA moose's lamentMonsters next door: EricThe wind blows...Little Known Birds: WallyChristmas i'sLittle Known Plants: Biting BertieBears of the Forest: BrianLittle Known Snakes: Banana SnakeTo err is humanLittle Known Bugs: The Jumping Crickenhopper